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3 reasons to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

It has long been known that fruits and vegetables are good for you. But did you know that eating seasonal fruits like dragon fruits, mangoes and even durian would bring tons of benefits. Here are our top ten reasons to eat seasonal harvests

1) Seasonal Fruits Taste Better

As the word "seasonal" says, fruits taste better when they are not harvested too early and then ripened or stored for longer that they should. Fruits like bananas or pineapples are oftentimes harvested early and stored. They ripen in storage oftentimes helped by sprayed chemicals to maintain its color and lengthen the time. So check your fruit calendars and buy what's harvested this month

2) Fruits are cheaper to buy when they are in season

Ideally, when fruits are harvested in season, demand pushes the price of the fruits lower since supply should be high. Mangoes for example are usually harvested during summer season. So if you're in the Philippines, you can definitely feast on mangoes around April- August without breaking the bank.

3) Support Local, Build Local

Local farmers mostly depend on their own community for the sales of their produce. Most small-scale farmers bring their harvest at the local market hoping to cash in on their labor. Buy from them. Help their families. And allow them to plant again for next season's harvest. Give back the dignity in farming by simply buying from your local market.

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